15 March 2006

Mommy, I gotta go NOW!

Susan writes:

Beth and I packed all the kids in the van and headed out. We had an "only a mom would do this" moment when one of the children had to pee while we were stuck in traffic. There was an aborted attept to use a water bottle and a successful pee into a mug while driving along.

Beth commented that she might get a wide-mouthed container to keep in the car in the event that should happen again. I was thinking about the urinals we use in the ER (which are cappable), but then it occurred to me that a MUCH better product is available. We usually stock these in the cockpits of the airplanes I fly, and I have used them with success. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the TravelJohn:

It's full of that super-absorbent stuff you find inside diapers, and you can put an amazing amount of pee in it, and it doesn't spill or stink. Now that I think of it, I am going to order a few for our cars.

Isn't modern technology great?

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  1. This is cool! Do you have to have a pilot's license to use one? I mean, buy one?


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