03 March 2006


I'm on day four of a nasty upper respiratory illness that has left me prostrate and bed-ridden. I am persistently running fevers of 102 and up. I finally broke down and got some antibiotics, and admitted that I should not be working. I tried to work today, which was a mistake. I was able to get through the shift but it was miserable.

I've always had a special sympathy for people with fevers. When I see someone who is febrile, not only is it a cue that they really have something wrong with them, they so clearly look ill that it's impossible not to want to make them feel better. Most everybody I see with a fever, I'll at a minimum pop in an IV and given them a liter of fluid. It usually is not medically indicated per se, but you know there is an obligate fluid loss that comes with a fever, and I really believe that dehydration makes the fever feel so much worse, so I do it anyway. People seem to perk up with fluids, so I've got to take that as evidence that the dehydration is a big factor in the wretchedness. I kind of wish that someone were here to give me some IV fluids. When I was a resident, we used to do that for each other -- bring over an IV set-up to a co-resident's place when they were puking. Though that generally tended to follow a night at the bars. But I am making do with Gatorade -- wonderful stuff. I still am exhausted and ache from head to toe, but slowly I improve.


  1. No question that gatorade is my savior at these times. Sorry to hear it's so bad. I wish you the best.


  2. Are you sure it's a URI? Have you checked, er, other places for a source of fever? Wouldn't want anything to come back and bite you in the ass...

    BTW I'm working today - want me to swing by with an IV?

  3. Carlos' offer is one very cool reason to be a doctor. Liam's post a few days ago about the kid with the bloody mass in his brain is the main reason I could never be a doctor, but this thing about friends coming over with IVs is fabulous. No such cool analog exists in the software community. I'm never bitching about MS Windows with my friends when one of them says -- "Hey, I'm in the office today, want me to come over with an HP 2400 packet analyser and take a look at that for you?"

    Hmm... actually that happens a lot, so never mind. I guess it's good all over.

  4. Sorry to hear that Bro!

    I was very confused on who had the fever, you or Liza! I knew she was feeling crappy a week or so ago!

    Carlos, you are a good friend! But I'm not sure I'd let you poke me with an IV...

  5. I'm better now, though pretty run-down. It'll be a shock when I get back into the gym -- I feel as weak as a kitten. I don't even want to think about getting back in the dojo. Thanks for the well-wishes.

  6. Your loss, chesty. I have great hands and a very soft touch with IV's. Plus, I'm more used to placing IV's into 2-lb. kids, so adult veins are like pipe hoses to me.


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