01 February 2006

A Failed Presidency

1. In the latest Gallup poll, a majority (52 percent) now describe the Bush presidency as a failure. Contrast this to ratings of Clinton, who, from September, 1996 onward, never had less than 64 percent describing his presidency as a success and was usually at 70 percent and above.

2. Remember that classic question of presidential debates, are you better off today than you were [insert number] years ago? In the same poll, Gallup asked whether “things have gotten better or worse in this country in the last five years”. By 64-28, the public said that things have gotten worse, including a 70-21 margin among independents.

3. In the new LA Times poll, by 2:1 (62-31), the public says that the country is not better off because of Bush’s policies and needs to move in a new direction (67-25 among independents and 71-21 among moderates).

4. In the same poll, by 60-32, the public says Bush has not fulfilled his promise to “restore honesty and integrity to the White House”.

5. In the new Washington Post/ABC News poll, the Democrats in Congress are favored by 16 points (51-35) over Bush on the direction for the country, Democrats are favored over Republicans by 16 points (51-35) on having better ideas and Democrats are favored over the Republicans by 14 points (51-37) on which party can best handle the main problems facing the nation in the next few years. The latter measure is the first time since 1992 that the Democrats have broken 50 percent on this measure and had a lead over the Republicans of this magnitude.

6. In the same poll, an astonishing 50 percent–half the country!–strongly disapproves of Bush’s handling of the situation in Iraq.

Posted by the good folks over at Emerging Democratic Majority.

Yikes. Agreed that we shouldn't put too much faith in polls (as we learned to our regret in November 2004), but these are pretty grim numbers.

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  1. I have no interesting input but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your political posts. I generally agree with everything you write and I could never hope to put my thoughts together as well - so I can rely on you to express these thoughts and to inform me as well. Thanks.


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