23 January 2006

Next stop: Detroit

Thanks to my wonderful wife, I had the pleasure of attending today's NFC Championship game, where the Seattle Seahawks trounced the hapless Carolina Panthers.

Man, what an intense experience. We sat at about the 10-yard line about 20 rows back. Amazing seats with an amazing view. And what a game -- the Panthers' offensive output in the first half was like three first downs and 40 yards of total offense. Yikes. I am not generally a good football fan because I get too emotionally involved in the game; I just can't be a casual onlooker. This game was even more supercharged because, of course, the Super Bowl was riding on it. What fun. I am still riding the euphoric high.

The Hawks are looking pretty good for Detroit in Superbowl XL, but the Steelers have looked awesome as they've systematically dismantled the three (other) best teams in the NFC. Should be a good game.

No blogging for a few days, likely, since I am off to Whistler for a few days of skiing.

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