31 January 2006

Light blogging

Been back from Whistler a few days; had a lovely time (happiness is the sound of fresh powder hissing over the front of your skis), but now we are dealing with a big kid with Scarlet Fever and a smaller one who is teething, while I work nights, so blogging hasn't been high on my agenda for a few days.

In the interest of rebuilding momentum, I offer this bit regarding whether our Attorney General perjured himself when he was being confirmed.

On direct questioning, Gonzales dismissed the possibility of warrentless wiretaps as a "hypothetical situation," when he was already aware of the existence of such a program, further adding that it was "not the policy or the agenda of this president to authorize actions that would be in contravention of our criminal statutes." I suppose that could be interpreted to mean that if the president decided to overrule a law, he would only do it occassionally.

Remember when we impeached the president for hair-splitting lies in a private sexual harassment suit? And now the Attorney General lies about matters of national security and civil liberties to the US Senate, and it gets buried on page A7.

We've got to start winning some elections.

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