20 January 2006

Comics Curmudgeon

I think I have found a new daily read blog. As many of you know, I take my comics seriously. A bit too seriously. In medical school, we used to all get together after anatomy class and have the ritual "Reading of Fred Bassett," the least-funny comic strip ever. It was a solemn event, followed by an explication of the text and an meta-analysis of why it might have been thought to be funny, or any deeper philosophic themes in the subtext.

Well, this guy has taken the reading of Fred Bassett to the next level, and I love him for it. Here is an example of his work:

It has come to my attention that some of my readers do not find Get Fuzzy amusing. These people are, for lack of a more subtle word, wrong. Let us count the things that made me laugh about today’s installment:

  1. The phrase “he would reject it as being unrealistically squalid.”
  2. Rob’s spindly legs.
  3. Bucky’s palms-up outspread paws.
  4. Bucky’s pot belly.
  5. Bucky’s sly look. Imagine if Sally Forth used the phrase “shoebox full of dead rats” when she deployed her sly look. That feature would be improved thereby.
  6. The phrase “a shoebox full dead rats.”
If you are not convinced, there is no hope for you. Now if you’ll excuse me, my cat is demanding to be let in from the back porch. Hopefully she doesn’t have another rat to add to the shoebox.

He also, god bless him, reads Family Circus for us, so we don't have to.


  1. Get fuzzy is the funniest comic since Calvin and Hobbes. It's the densest strip of funny jokes ever. I would say it funnier than Calvin, but not quite as satisfying -- but that's oretty high company.

    My entire in-law side of the family are huge fans.

  2. Oh yeah, Get Fuzzy is awesome. No doubt about it. Who could possibly think Get Fuzzy isn't funny?

  3. I also don't understand why he would have to explain why Get Fuzzy is funny - but I enjoyed his explaination. I will have to add this to my list to read.

  4. Well, he spends a lot more time explaining in great detail and with ridiculous intellectualization why a given comic sucks. For example, today's offering:

    Lotta hate in the Family Cicrus over the past couple of days. Billy’s the cool one, all anodyne disdain, hitting on the fact that the worst that can happen to him is meaningless, which means that there are no rules and nothing to hold him back from fulfilling every desire of his id, from putting his contempt for his fellow Circus members on display for all to see. Jeffy, as usual, is more volatile, his hatred of his family and himself breaking out uncontrollably as he flies into a vicious rage for no reason. Poor Dolly is there to mutely bear the brunt of the bad behavior. Don’t worry about it, honey: it’s about their own demons, not you.

    Or one, which made me laugh out loud, an analysis of a Hagar the Horrible strip.

    I love seeing some of these abominations getting the bitchslaps they deserve.


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