23 December 2005

Playing with browsers

So Safari is a pretty kick-ass browser on many levels, not least on the visual coolness level. I like it's appearance (I'm a sucker for brushed metal), and it's really easy to use. Despite being a tiny fraction of the browsers in use, it's pretty compatible across most web sites. But apparently, blogger's html editor doesn't work in it.

But it does work with Firefox. Which is cool because I can:

  1. Create lists
  2. Put things in bold and italics
  3. Insert pictures and links
  4. Spillcheck
  5. Change fonts
  6. And never have to see html
So I love Safari, but I may have just switched browsers. Though, I have a dual-monitor setup, so I suppose I can just open Firefox for editing my page, and keep using my highly-customized Safari setup for basic browsing.

Technology is cool.


  1. Try camino (www.caminobrowser.org).

  2. You might try one of these thems for Firefox, for the visual side of things. I hear good things about camino. I'm a big Firefox fan.

    GrApple (Brushed)

  3. I use Firefox for reading all the blogs and bring up IE when I need to edit or post (or upload to my picture site).

  4. I like the brushed theme. I think I will add it on. Thanks!


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