20 December 2005


No, not the big one. That's not till 2008. Mine. As in the inaugural post. I didn't actually intend to start a blog at all, but I went to post a comment to a friend's blog, about the Bears and the best linebacker since Mike Singletary, and when I went to post the comment it gave me the option of commenting anonymously or logging in and since it was a friend's blog I figured that I should log in since it would be rude to comment anonymously on his blog and I had to choose a username and then it asked me what I wanted to title MY blog since apparently creating your own blog is an intrinsic part of commenting on someone else's blog which makes sense in an odd sort of way. ANYWAY, I hadn't planned on starting my own blog (and I'm still not too committed to the idea so I wouldn't look back here anytime soon) but I started to muse over what I would title a blog if I had one, and so here we are.

Makes perfect sense.

Oh, and the title of the blog might not make sense to you at first, but then remember what I do for a living.

Well, now I am off to comment on Luke's blog. Finally. Let's hope there are no other arcane procedures or initiations into blogger {tm} commenting. Check back here real soon. Really.


  1. Doh! I'm a bit slow. I wasn't smart enough to find your blog. And now, since I'm not on my usual machine and can't recall my password, I can't even log in to give you the same courtesy you gave me. I'm reading and looking forward to continued reading as you continue to post. In fact, as soon as I can get my password off my machine, I'll link to you from A Night in the Box.

  2. I think your blog is quite good, some really good posts here.


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