25 December 2005

Christmas Morning

Busy overnight shift. Not many frivolous ED visits last night. Nobody is happy being in the ED at 0400, much less so on Christmas morning. So the stress and bitterness level was higher than usual on the patient side. Not so for the staff. You get a little camaraderie on overnights and moreso on holidays. Unfortunately we were short-staffed nurses, which dampened the festive spirit. But on the other hand, there were no obnoxious drunks, which is a very nice change of pace from the typical overnight shift. Acuity was low and though I saw my 2 patients per hour I admitted none and have had time to sit and blog while on-shift. Now I hope to get out of here on time or early and home before the three-year-old wakes up.

Oh man we are going to have a orgy of materialism. The living room was swamped with presents when I left last night. It's actually more than a little disgusting. We are not expecting the boys to open all their presents in one sitting. I am not sure my attention span would allow it and I am sure the 3-year-old attention span will preclude it. I think we will have a staged present-opening, possibly spread out over several days. Katie (Liza's mother) had the good suggestion of having Eamon round up some of his old toys for donation. I think that's a great idea.

Hope your holiday is nice. Merry Peak Retail Day!

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